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London's Andrew Silverwood is an internationally touring, critically acclaimed, award winning stand up comedian, Circus and Burlesque MC, actor and more.

His ten year career has seen him perform to hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, EU and Australia.

If you think he looks familiar, you've probably seen him:

Watch me do some funny stuff here.

Sure! I'd love to come play your comedy club, festival or city, just pop your deets down below.

Yes! I do MC duties at weddings. Some of my favourite events are making your big day stress free and easy.

Every wedding is different, so I like to have a sit down in a bar with both parties to discuss everything I might need to know about your big day:

  • What will I need to announce?
  • How formal is it? (What should I wear, how should I address the guests)
  • What are the names of your parents, siblings and other important guests?
  • Do you need me before the ceremony or just at the reception?
  • Do you have any family dramas I can keep an eye on?
  • What are your housekeeping notes?
  • How are you being introduced as a married couple for the first time? (Is anyone taking a name?)
  • What is the timing of your event?
On the day I'll show up when you need me, if I'm coming to the entire day, I'll aim to arrive just before your guests do, if it's just the reception, I'll meet you all there, after I've spoken to your band/DJ and venue.

Here are some of the tasks I'm happy to do, but remember, every wedding is personal to you:

  • Introducing myself and explaining my role in your big day.
  • Announcing if you have a hashtag or a dropbox for photos or explaining if you want photos left to your photographer and gently reminding guests of this throughout the night.
  • Telling your guest all the housekeeping rules: How will food and drinks service work? is there a bar tab? Where is the smokers corner? Where are the toilets?
  • Announcing you as a married couple for the first time.
  • Announcing your first dance and then inviting your guests onto the dance floor to join you afterwards.
  • Dancing with the one Auntie that didn't bring a date so she doesn't feel left out.
  • Setting the room for speeches. Here is where I differ from other MCs: My background as a professional comedian, cabaret host and performer gives me a skillset to keep your speeches moving fast and fun with a gentle buffer in between each speech and a build up to make the speeches feel like entertainment without putting any extra stress on those speaking.
  • Announcing the bar closing, last dance and carriages.
  • Keeping an eye on anything you mentioned to me in our pre wedding meeting.
The Master of Ceremonies is atraditional role for weddings that is seeing a resurgence in modern times. Typically they're responsible for holding a microphone and telling people what is happening and when.

The main job is to alieviate stress from Brides and Grooms on their big day and create a fun atomosphere where everything is to time and organised.

An MC will introduce you to your guests as a married couple for the first time.

They'll tell everyone when it's time for your first dance, your cake cutting, your grand exit and will sometimes do a bit of light entertainment whilst the band set up or between speeches.

There's no set rulebook on what is and isn't the MCs duties, which is why we always meet up before your wedding to make sure everyone knows what is expected fro your wedding MC.
I am based in Perth, Western Australia, but I travel a lot for my other work. You might get lucky and time yoru wedding in with my other work.

I love a destination wedding but will have to build the additional travel costs into my fee as your wedding MC. This could include things like: Petrol and mileage, flights and/or overnight accomodation.

My standard base rate to MC a wedding is $1250 AUD.

Additional fees apply for: 
  • Travel outside of the Perth area
  • Overnight accomodation (where necessary)
  • Bookings under 6 months in advance.
  • Bookings through a third party (like Crowdpleaser)
  • If I have to provide aplification, a microphone or both.
  • Needing my services for more than 6 hours ($100/hr)

You'll be expected to pay me half the fee before the wedding and half afterwards. We won't talk money on your wedding day.

Yes! You can get your friend from school to do this cheaper, but you will get what you pay for and you'll only marry this person once. Do it properly.
I'll invoice you before your wedding for half our agreed fee. Once this is paid you can assume I am confirmed.

You can pay me by bank transfer, the details of which will be on the invoice.

After your wedding I will send you a reminder invoice for any amount owing. We'll never discuss money on your big day.

If, for whatever reason, you need to postpone or cancel your wedding, I can refund your 100% up to six weeks before the wedding but after this point the amount paid is seen as a non refundable deposit.
Send me some details to this form.

I know it sounds obvious but please try and tell me:
  • Your names.
  • Where you live
  • When the wedding is
  • Where the wedding is

Some of my upcoming shows.. Subject to change